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July 2012
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Archive for July, 2012

Jewels has just looked at me very serious after turning the TV off and said

“That wont stop the recordings will it”

lol ye G if you cant see it you cant record it lol x

Me and Jewels were talking to Benn about what computer languages i can write in, Jewels said

“Do you write in VPL?”

I looked at her and said “No whats that?”

She said

“HAA HAA HAA ive just remembered it stands for Visual Panty Line lol”

Nice one G x

Ive just said to Jewels

“Did you put lexis tea in?”

She got up and ran in the kitchen then came back in and said

“Babe i think the ovens gone out but i cant smell gas”

I asked her if she had put the timer on by accident she said no but the ovens not hot

After going in and smelling a hot oven I opened the other oven to see if it was hot and nearly burned myself

Shes only put the wrong oven on and couldnt work out why the food was still frozen in the cold oven lol


Got to love her lol

We were stood in the queue at b&q when jewels started smelling some candles they had for sale,

jewels said mmmm I love vanilla smell, then I started laughing, she had only picked the coconut flavour up , I think people in the shop got worried.