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September 2012
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Archive for September, 2012

Just asking Jewels if she heard about the problem with the iPhone 5 and the maps app

She replied

“Oh ye i did they found a GULCH”

I said “Whats a GULCH”

She said “Its when you have a problem with something”

LOL LOL she meant GLITCH, Its to hopes she never works for NASA, imagine her trying to assist landing on the moon, she would probably send them the wrong way lol

OK so to prove this isnt all about Jewels, i made a boob and thought id share it…

Me and Jewels were looking through some pictures and one came up that was shakey and blurred so i said

“lol i bet you took that one cus its blurred”

Jewels said

“How can i ….. its a pic of you and ME”

see we all can say silly things lol

Said to Jewels this morning

“Did you know there was a meteor in the sky last night?”

She said .. out of nowhere

“Did it have a green light on”

I said “WHAT ???? , whats that mean”

She replied “Was it bright, did it have a green light on”

Ye Jewels it did but ill bet the leccy bills hugh having the green light on for a million years lol x


This is how to look after your wine …. Jewels style, i don’t know if it was my driving or to show how much Jewels cares for her wine but for some reason she wanted to protect it this day lol


ANOTHER interesting conversation with Jewels

We were talking about the colour of the sky

I said
“its not blue its an optical illusion”

She replied

“Whatever , that’s like saying the seas not blue either”


An idea by Jewels for reusable energy

Sat in car talking about wind turbines and Jewels said

“They should put them near airports”

I asked why , to which she replied

“Well all the wind that planes cause,they could use it to turn the turbines?”

I tried not to crash for laughing lol