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October 2012
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Archive for October, 2012

Jewels asked me how i was getting on with the new language i was writing in , it went like this, note the language is called ‘Java’

“Hey babe , how you getting on with JAFFA”

lol JAFFA , and she didnt even laugh when she said it lol

Jewels told me last night she could speak french quite well so i asked her to say something

She said


nice one Jewels , at least were safe if we get stuck in France lol

I asked Jewels last night if she could speak another language what would it be

She said


lol so what do you try and speak now lol

Just remembered this one from when i first met Jewels,

I asked her if she had ever heard of Guns and Roses

She replied

“Of course, i like September rain ”

SEPTEMBER RAIN… that’s now a fantastic song ruined lol

Well Jewels wanted to `chill` her wine but fast, unfortunately like her pasta she forgot about it and ended up with an expensive ice cube lol, frozen wine and burned pasta for tea then this night lol ….. nice

Jewels made the boys some cocoa but either she put it in too long or it exploded lol , answers on a comment