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October 2013
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Archive for October, 2013

I was looking at a star last night intrigued which star it was so i was looking on my star app, when guess who pipes up

what you doing babe

Me – im just trying to identify that star

Jewels……”which one, that one in the distance?”

lol “the one in the distance” lol, nothing gets further away that’s still in view than a star lol … another classic by my jewels

Playing Tiger Woods golf with Jewels and the one liner comes out

“That’s a right shot, right on the freeway”

Thinks Jewels thinks she’s playing on an American Road lol

Was talking to a friend this morning and he let on he was doing some DIY, he was using polyfiller but made it a bit watery.

Then his brain starts going in overdrive to make it thicker.

After a bit of thought he decided to use…SMASH

Lol bloody potato smash.

Not only is Jewels a nutter but Craig is too.


Watching Luke play football today and Jewels says

“It wouldn’t be half as windy if they turned them things off”

Ye jewels, cus there’s an OFF switch for the weather, turn the oven on and it might get warmer…….!!

Good job shes beautiful….